Essential SSL Certificates

Standard Encryption & Security from Recognized Brand

Everything that's essential for industry-standard encryption-nothing else
Essential SSL is a line from Comodo that lives up to its name. It's everything essential for encryption and nothing more. Comodo keeps the price low by stripping away the extra products and huge warranty in order to offer a basic, no-frills DV SSL certificate, but still leverages Comodo's brand power and recognition. Protect one site or unlimited subdomains. Essential SSL can be issued in minutes and provides strong 256-bit encryption strength. What else do you need?

Essential SSL Certificates

EssentialSSL Wildcard (DV)


One of the most cost-effective SSL solutions, the Comodo Essential SSL wildcard SSL certificate can secure one main domain and unlimited amount of subdomains. This makes managing your SSL certificates as simple as possible. Even more convenient, since this is a Domain Validated (DV) certificate, it can be issued to a domain in mere minutes. The Comodo Essential SSL wildcard SSL certificate is a perfect entry-level wildcard solution for very light ecommerce sites and new domains looking to establish trust with “https” and the Comodo Secure logo.